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BRIEF HISTORY OF CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) by COMUSAV Mundial
Published a year ago

Although Chlorine Dioxide gas was discovered in 1814 by Chemist & Inventor Sir Humphrey Davy, it wasn't until 1996 that Jim Humble, an American & Aerospace Engineer accidentally had an extraordinary revelation that was without a doubt, the most important discovery in the history of medicine in the last 100 years. 

In 2008 Dr. h.c. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker gave life to Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS), CD gas saturated in water. This was possible with the help of Jim Humble, Enrik, Roger Rabes (& his cows).

Today, and thanks to COMUSAV Mundial, the Pandemic of 2019 and a group of scientists, physicians, engineers and chemists the therapeutic use of CDS is well known worldwide. Bolivia being the first and only country in the world that has a law to use CDS against COVID19

About Jim Humble:

About Andreas Kalcker:

About COMUSAV Mundial:


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