New York State Draconian Quarantine Regulations in Force
3214 views • 06/14/2022

A warning to all of us who live in New York State—and the remainder of the United States.  Precedent breaking health regulations are now in force in NYS allowing the Commissioner of Health or appointed substitutes to isolate or quarantine people for suspicion of a carrying a “highly contagious communicable disease,” a medical category which includes the common cold, as well as the flu.[1]  The broadness of the category enables abuse.  

The isolation or quarantine can be at home or in any other facility deemed necessary. We can even be locked in “temporary housing,” which could of course include tent cities or army barracks.   

Notice that this is about “isolation,” which is a big step beyond quarantine, forcing the person to be removed from the presence of other people as in solitary confinement. 

The loosely written regulation 10 NYCRR 2.3, “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures,” gives broad discretion to the Commissioner of Health and to any minions in deciding who, when, and where the targeted person gets confined.  

Any actions taken under these regulations will be abusive, because they are unconstitutional.  Such drastic changes in the law requiring rewriting the law, not making bureaucratic regulations. Matters of this extreme concern to the public are left for legislation.   

According to my guest on “ReFounding America and Reclaiming Ourselves on Brighteon.TV,” attorney Bobbie Anne Flower Cox,[2] one NYS legislator did propose a law with similar powers several years ago and never received a single cosponsor for the bill. Unable to get even two legislators to support such draconian measures, the bureaucrats in public health did it for themselves.        

Back when now defrocked New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo was busy killing his elder citizens by forcing them into COVID-ridden overwhelmed nursing homes, we wrote a blog: “COVID-19 SOS: Saving America from Governor Cuomo.”[3]  We must continue to save New York State from Kathy Hochul, the lieutenant governor who replaced Cuomo.   

According to attorney Cox, no other state has such draconian regulations for isolating and quarantining people with communicable diseases.  She has brought a legal case to block the regulations.  Her effort is critical in preventing this outrageous assault on individual liberty and the rule of law in New York State, but also in preventing its spread elsewhere in America. She is doing the  case pro bono, that is, free for the public good.  Supporting her is to support freedom in America.    




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