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The Folly of Darwinian Thinking - Junk Science Series S1E7
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Published 2 years ago
Darwin's been dead for a while, but his theory lives on. This theory comes up in school and then some occasional conversation, but rarely do you think about it everyday unless you're a scientist or it's your job to keep it near the forefront of your mind. But for the average person, once school's over you don't think about evolution much, you just live your life. It doesn't affect your life in any way... or does it?

Darwin's theory has touched numerous parts of our lives in ways you can't even imagine. For just one of these examples - war.

The elite of this world, these same people who hold dear to the evolutionary survival of the fittest theory, have used war to further their own agendas. Agendas that benefit them most, using everyone else as fodder or pawns.

Eliyahu talks more about how Darwinian evolution has affected our world and how it has diminished moral principles. What is humankind without morals? Little more than animals.

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