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Remember Infamy - Dec 7 Pearl Harbor historical context, and January 6 Capitol
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Published 8 months ago |
Tuesday Night Special - 12 7 2021 Remember Infamy, and January 6 Capitol 'event'.

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Pearl Harbor Roosevelt Declares War on Japan

Released Military Footage following the attack

The results of the attack was:

Re: Jan 6th - What is really going on? Are we under attack again? Was the U.S. attacked? If so, by whom, and why is there so much of a cover up around it?
Clips from recorded show - Mc Bride, and Eastman

Who were the real perpetrators of the attack, and are they covering up by pointing at the American People in order not to trigger a response from within, like took place after Pearl Harbor. Are they avoiding an inflection point event?

More on Wednesday night’s The Good ForEvermore - America in Peril 2021/22

Review of Sunday Night Show:
Media Propaganda and Fear Peddling and heard from former HUD Sec and Renown Doctor Ben Carson
African Reporter that there is no OMICRON Crisis in Africa
Marjorie Taylor Greene Playing Shocking Death Threats Made Against Her
Division we played two clips that are back to back of NJ Reps
Democrats use State Police to stop GOP Members from entering the chamber without Vax Records or Test Results.
When confronted the State Police acted correctly and backed off and the spoke of how the court ruled in favor of the Reps
Roger Stone raised Constitutional Questions about the Jan 6th so-called assault on the capitol:
Who are the Democrats and Secret Service Really working for?
Jim Jordan "When Was Dr. Fauci Elected to Office?"

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