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Horoscope yoga fornicator women abused by mind-controlling reptilian hybrid men & demons must repent
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Published 2 months ago |
*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance battlefront (May 2022). These human women, whose minds are being controlled telepathically psychically by these reptilian hybrid fanatic feminist men who have the snake and crocodile’s 6th sense frontal brain lobes to read minds and manipulate minds (“Star Wars” movie’s Jedi “Force”), and who are being beaten and abused by these reptilian hybrid soulless psychopaths, need to repent of their occult activities and Wicca witchcraft and separate from these fanatic feminist reptilian hybrid men they attract. They cannot break the mind-control by these reptilians to leave these reptilian men and their abuse, so they need to ask God to deliver them from these demon spirits disguised as humans, in cloned hybrid human avatar bodies or stolen “walk in” human bodies of former New Age Wicca witch necromancy spirit guide channelers. However, first and foremost, they need to repent and receive Jesus as their Savior. They need to apologize and ask forgiveness from God for dabbling with witchcraft, and fortune-telling, and horoscopes, and astrology, and yoga, and martial arts, and transcendental meditation, and charms, and amulets, and crystal reiki, and mother earth goddess worship, and removing their women’s head coverings, and cross-dressing in “Satan Lucifer’s post-1960s cross-dress-project” men’s trousers, and joining “women’s marches,” and inviting Jezebel demon spirits into their bodies, and going to churches with witches & pedophile cannibal Satanist church pastors, and bullying other girls in school, and deceiving people, and stealing job positions, and lying, and fornication sex with reptilian hybrid New Age Wicca witch Satanist transcendental meditation men in their yoga classes, and all the hundreds of things they have done. Present them to God honestly and repent. God is faithful to forgive you and deliver you. Then, you must stop marrying or having fornication sex with these millions and millions of reptilian hybrid fanatic feminist Satanist men that have filled the earth in these End Times and which Satan Lucifer’s quadsexual Pleiadian fallen angel fake aliens and various 5,000 year told Atlantis companies have manufactured. These millions and millions of rapist reptilian hybrid mind-controlling aphrodisiac men are not supposed to be on this earth with us humans or raping human women or manufactured by fallen angels. These fallen angels will get spankings from God. If you do not repent, then those demons that you New Age necromancy spirit guide channel or those demons you invited into your life through occult witchcraft or some sin will continue to torment you to feed on your life force energy of pain and abuse and terror and sorrow and anger and despair and injury and beatings and domestic violence, because these demons and fallen angel devils are parasites that need to feed on either human life force energy or human children’s blood which contains life force energy (which the Bible calls “life is in the blood”) and you will continue to attract these demon spirit reptilian hybrid non-human-soul fanatic feminist Satanist wife-abuser girlfriend-abuser men. Some of these abusing men and women are humans who are heavily demon-possessed by these New Age witchcraft transcendental meditation yoga demon spirits or from violent ancestral spirits that have been passed on through their families through generations like the Irish nephilim descendant families through Celtic Druidic New Age Wicca witchcraft ancestral idolatry or Freemason spirits.

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