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Victim Identity vs. Personal Responsibility
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Published 6 months ago

Rachel and Doug join Max in a discussion about victimhood being a stage, where we have endured hardship and need to be understood and validated. Staying in victim identity however is a trap, part of the drama triangle of victim-perpetrator-savior, and keeps us powerless and helpless. Being personally responsible for our choices and actions is empowering, staying in victim leads us to further victimization and lowers our frequency. We are currently in a global cult of victimhood and though there are Cabal perpetrators, we have a choice not to give our power away. Victimhood affects the health of our bodies, our chakras and aura. The trio share tools and solutions such as speaking out, affirmations, journaling, therapy, parenting the inner child and asking ourselves how the situation we are in might be for us. Victim identity is a choice and does not serve us in any way. Rachel, Doug and Max share personal stories of how they rose above victimhood and created better lives for themselves.

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