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Crisis Actors, Media, Exploiting Kids. From Syria to Paris.
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dr Meno Peace Terrorist
Published 7 months ago |
Crisis Actors, Media, Exploiting Kids. From Syria to Paris.
original posting, dec 4, 2015

The academy award to the best crisis actors go to the father and son team in Paris. Featured at the end of this video.
There are lots of crisis actors reports and videos on the internet. BUT I wanted to feature the children crisis actors. I show examples from the Syrian chemical attack to the Paris Attacks. Pretty much most of the so called terrorist attacks were in fact false flags attacks. Some organized and carried out by the secret NATO army , GLADIO B.
I was a peace officer and a fireman. I have been exposed to people in crisis and have seen the worst of humanity. These people who are being interview for the MSM are fakers. I know how a person is behaving in a crisis situation. When people are traumatized. I have been exposed to tear gas. I know how it affects a person. I have experienced it first hand several times. It is no fun. 5-10 minutes of pure agony. Fresh air is the only and best way to rid of the pain of tear gas. Tear gas is an oil based product.
Also notice that there is a Nun present in these stages scenes. 3 of the videos, different ones, a nun is shown.
Assumed to be 2-chloroacetophenone, a common active component in tear gas. A white crystalline solid with a floral odor. Insoluble in water. Soluble in acetone, benzene and carbon disulfide. Melting point 133°F (56°C). Strong irritant to eyes and tissue as gas or liquid.As far as chlorine, have you ever opened up a chlorine tablet cylindar and got a wiff of the Cl 2 gas?

I claim that 2 kids in the Syrian chemical attack in Aleppo are the same 2 kids in a refugee clip 2 years later. The yellow shirt smurf boy is the same boy knocking on the bus. The boy with the rag over his mouth and hopping around in Syria is the same boy that keeps looking at the cameras in a refugee clip.

Crisis Actors Wanted for Active Shooter Exercise at The Woodlands Mall In Texas.mp4

BUSTED! Best Ever Proof of Crisis Actors in Egypt & Syria! WAKE UP PEOPLE!


SNN | Syria | Damascus | Panic After Regime Chemical Weapons
This video was spread as propaganda.

Syrian Regime Killing Millions Of Kids Chemically
This video was spread as propaganda.

Blood and Tears: Chaotic scenes at Hungarian border as refugees come under tear gas

Migrant crisis: Clashes at Hungary-Serbia border

Paris attacks survivor: 'we won't live in a world of fear'

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