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Banks don't lend money. They buy your promissory note. (transcript in notes)
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We are also working on Sovereign Rights and protection in all the Sovereign nations who have been illegally occupied by canada INC under the rule of the Vatican - Harming everyone and everything

We are always adding more videos and new information the video channels

The new web site has been decided called -- UNIFY THE PEOPLE we b url we be

Constitutional Conventions Why is it So Important with Dallas Hills - YouTube
Constitutional Conventions Why is it So Important with Dallas Hills Under natural law, all people have the right to life, liberty, and estate; under the social contract, the people could instigate ...
Brighteon is our free speech video platform site as we are loosing videos on FB and other social media sites - please review channels for new information - and share to family and friends to further the information

We The People - Constitutional Conventions

We The People - Constitutional Conventions

Site is filled with important information always being updated

We The People Constitutional Conventions on Facebook - also their are individual pages of every Sovereign /province
Naming convention is example Alberta Constitutional Conventions - Saskatchewan Constitutional Conventions - and so forth for the rest of Sovereign/provinces

We The People Constitutional Conventions Public Group | Facebook
The Purpose of the Travelling Truth is to bringing some important information you , your family and friends that may be interested in Listening , watching videos and may be interested in having the team visit your local area to educate more people on a Solution - we do except donations - please e-tranfer email and thank you for helping

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