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One Year Off Grid In My RV - Here's What I Learned
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Plant Based Hacks
Published 4 months ago |
As I was laying my solar panels down and putting them away, I decided it would be a great time to pause and reflect. I lived off grid for over a year. From water consumption, electric usage, and composting--I have never felt more whole as a person and grounded to the earth like I do these days.

I have always taken the conveniences of modern society for granted. Wether it was running water or the ability to use appliances that you normally wouldn't even think twice patience and willpower were put to the test when these things were taken away from me.

I can't recommend living off grid enough. Positive change for our bodies, minds, and the people of this planet all starts with us. It starts with our lifestyle. Try something new (even if you can't commit to a full year off grid) and just watch what happens...experience transformation in your life!

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