From Convent to Pentecost - The Testimony of Sister Charlotte Keckler
23 views • 01/29/2022
This is the testimony of Sister Charlotte Keckler which is a very grim, shocking and disturbing. This is the testimony of her time as a nun in the convent which was recorded on audiotape at a Christian gathering. Sister Charlotte, was born on April 12, 1898 and entered the convent around 1910.

She came to Christ in 1945, and since then began travelling to churches and sharing her testimony to the United States and Canada with another ex-nun, Sister Nilah Rutledge. Sister Charlotte died September 1983 under mysterious circumstances.

Her testimony reveals many of the dark secrets of the Roman Catholic church and all the horrors that occurred deep within convents.

Convents were actually banned in Mexico in 1857, but one, the Convent of Saint Monica, continued to operate secretly until it was discovered in 1934 and abolished. Torture chambers were found at the convent and even lime pits, precisely as Sister Charlotte reported. Nuns were found literally half dead at that convent. Proof of the tortures and self mutilation. Some of these mutilations eerily reflect those that the prophets of Baal did in service to their false god.

As for the nuns, modesty forbids the description of the nunneries, which are mere brothels, so that to take the veil is equivalent to becoming a public prostitute.
A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages, Cardinal Peter D’Ailly, Vol. 3, 1888, pp. 631
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