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2024 Election – To Be or Not to Be?
Published 3 months ago


I: Speaking With His Voice

Do you think we have free and fair elections in America? Do you believe we can just vote again in November this year and all will be fine? Do you believe we can restore the republic simply by casting our votes in droves say for President Trump? Do you have confidence that your God given rights are assured for you and future generations? Will there even be an election in 2024?

The United States actually has the worst voting system in the developed world. According to NYU professor Mark Crispin Miller, even Harvard University ranked the U.S. dead last place in the developed world.

Will we ever have free and fair elections again? Will we vote in 2024? If we do will it be stolen again?

Hers a short list of HOW they rig elections - the res is discussed in this broadcast

Dominion (Black box voting)

This system installed on virtually all central server voting machines deployed in the U.S. and can easily steal the election, with extreme precision. This is also known as black box voting. This system had been placed under the control of an advanced Artificial Intelligence that continuously manipulated the “official vote” tally nationwide in nanoseconds, right down to the precinct level. This system was specifically designed and purpose-built to be the perfect tool—attempting to leave no evidence behind—in order to commit the perfect crime. No evidence? That’s until Spaceforce arrived – thank you President Trump!

So how do we restore free and fair elections in America?

Get rid of computerized voting - Return to hand-counted paper ballots. Eliminate private companies with vested interests in the counting and reporting of votes. Require automatic registration on birthdays. Citizenship and Voter ID required. Election Day should be a national holiday.

II: Intel and Insights with 107

10-minute excerpt of the 30-minute John & Juan Interview


What’s In Store for 2024

Suspension of vote

No election in 2024

Rising uproar and societal interjection en masse

Escalation of WMD including nuclear threat in various regions

III: Action

God, Trump, Flynn Military White Hats need your help – Enlist!

Action Changes Things – Things You Can Do To Fight This War

Access To PDF Doc.

IV: News Bites and Closing Comments / Announcements

WikiLeaks just dumped all of their files on line. Everything from Hillary Clinton’s emails McCain’s being guilty, Vegas shooting done by FBI Sniper, Steve Jibs HIV letter, Pedo Podesta, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agents arrested for rape, WHO pandemic and much more. Link is up on Go have at it!

Senior military leaders received an email with a letter attached called the Declaration of Military Accountability. I know because I sent the email. I sent it on behalf of myself & 230 other signatories of the letter. The letter is not addressed to the military leaders but rather to the American people. The email was merely to inform these military leaders that there is group of troops & vets pledging to the American public that we will do everything lawfully within our power to stop the willful destruction of our military by its own leadership. Let's take our country back in 2024 & let's begin by defending our military from its own leadership. You can find the body of the letter on my website along with the names of the 231 signatories. Visit to read and access letter.

Killing Trump

As Tucker Carlson stated - All else has failed. Meanwhile Iran has Vowed to Kill Former U.S. Government Officials, "including President Donald Trump." President Trump is well protected perhaps more than we realize. Although it is my belief God is protecting him, please continue to pray for President Trump.

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