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Demonism fully Invades Churchianity - vol 4
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Biblical Solution
Published 2 months ago |

Volume 4 includes:

- they "do" nothing to help the injured
- a Bethelite commands fires to cease
- Bethel students meet a real preacher
- the real dangers behind their music
- even an ex-guru speaks against their practices
- more "fire tunnels" filled with countless "kriyas", that summarizes how cities who permit this to fester and grow in their churches and towns will slowly lose their societies altogether.

Thank you for watching this series, and please help us wake your friends and loved ones to the serious dangers of their considering or following these cults. As more of you may now see, these churches are a literal trap door to the satanic side of the spirit realm!  And with so many churches now being so apostate and lukewarm, there are few churches setting the right example anymore, where these poor new age victims don't even know they are out of line in such ways.

I am also aware that I have probably offended a lot of new agers out there, but your soul is more to me than my ratings on this channel. I wish my having to awaken you folks could have been less painful for you, but better the small emotional disappointment for you now, than the agony of serious pain snd suffering you may have to go through after this life is over, sound fair?

Please share the true biblical gospel of repentance and reforms for these people.

And again I thank all of you who are trying to awaken these poor people... and blessings to all who are listening with ears to hear as well!

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