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Australian Senator Rips Apart the COVID Lies with Facts. The Members Vote to Silence Him and "Stop This Rubbish"
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Deception By Omission
Published 2 months ago |

While some in the green party laughed as Queensland Senator ripped into the COVID narrative to expose its lies, Gerard Rennick kept his dialogue going. Kind of reminded me of that scene in Annie Hall when Woody Allen pulled Marshall McLuhan from behind the poster stand because the guy spouting nonsense needed to be shut up with the truth.

Rennicks rant was based on facts based on real science and the truth about COVID, but that didn't stop the green party members from voting to silence him, calling his speech "rubbish". Rennick confronted some of them directly shutting them up and continued.

These politicians don't want the truth. That doesn't serve their power based interests. Wish we had more Senators and politicians with Rennick's courage and control of the truth about this now obvious pack of lies meant to harm the public and thin the herd, not help us.

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