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WARNING: CRICKETS IN YOUR FOOD - Food Shortages 2022 - SHTF (mirrored)
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Published 2 years ago

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The warning is out crickets are in your food they are putting crickets in a lot of foods including foods grocery stores dog food and many other things like fast food restaurants, is it because they’re expecting a food shortage in 2022 are they expecting an SHTF situation or is this all being caused for the integration of insects in our food?

If you haven’t been following along with great prepping channels like a Riverside Homestead Life or Alaska prepper or pinball preparedness Orr Canadian Prepper and been actively prepping or considering becoming a prepper then you have been behind on the news that you need to here to keep you thinking about emergency preparedness. This is a warning for many of you out there that it’s getting worse and there is crickets in our food already and there’s a question of whether it’s safe or unsafe that’s right there’s already crickets and food and schools crickets and pet food and crickets and foods and grocery stores is it because of the food shortage 2022 I don’t know, could the food shortage be being caused to integrate such a high dollar market? Is it Doodoo global food shortages expected? Are you ready for SHTF 2022 and empty shelves and food shortages are you ready to eat crickets and food? Have you already had cricket protein or cricket flour in your food have you seen the Walmart food shortages? This is what many people are prepping for and you need to watch out for a Chata which means cricket in foods if you do not want to be eating crickets in your food some people crack jokes that it’s much like Soylent Green movie, Will it be in crickets in our food instead what do you think, what do you think’s going on?

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SHTF | I Can't Believe They Are Really DOING THIS! | PREP NOW

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DANGER: Mega Companies QUIETLY Adding Crickets To Food: Crickets In Our Food

When you watch Prepping channels you’re going to get a lot of prepper news a lot of SHTF warning type of information stuff from Canadian Prepper stuff from full spectrum survival stuff on preparedness maybe you watch PREPARED Homestead maybe you’re getting heads up on meat shortages well this might be one way that they’re going to take care of a meat shortage whether it’s caused by them or not, $1 billion industry includes putting crickets and cricket protein in our food instead of beef or chicken, A prepper already knows this because they’re already watching channels like Riverside Homestead life or Alaska prepper or pinball preparedness, they are ready for empty shelves 2022 they’re ready for food shortages and those empty shelves that are expected due to the economic crisis inflation food shortages empty shelves and world crisis

A lot of the information in this video involving crickets or resourced from other platforms and news articles online, Much of it is theory opinion and personal thoughts, do your own research for information involving this video figure it out for yourself what you believe to be true. My warning is if you do not want to be eating crickets in your food if you’re worried about health risks of crickets in your food read the labels be sure that you’re reading labels and you know what you’re eating



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