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Reports of Advanced Research into the Nature of Time
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Published 10 months ago

In this video we touch on several articles that have been recently published on the nature of time. Find links to articles below.

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Resources Referenced in this video:

A Physicist Came Up With Math That Shows 'Paradox-Free' Time Travel Is Plausible

BACK TO THE FUTURE Time travel "is possible" and we could "go to the past without ruining the future," according to scientist

How a Rotating Universe Makes Time Travel Possible

Simulation Theory - Double Slit Experiment - Particles Going Back in Time

Scientists Have "Reversed Time" Inside A Quantum Computer, And The Implications Are Huge

How Quantum Physicists ‘Flipped Time’ (and How They Didn’t)

The Universe is a Timechain – The Quantum Universal Timeframe

New Superluminal Theory Transforms Our Concept of Time with "Extension" of Special Relativity

The Mystery of Time’s Arrow -- Nautilus - Julian Barbour

Time Does Not Exist. Let me explain with a graph. (Astrum)

Quantum Leaps, Long Assumed to Be Instantaneous, Take Time

Why More Physicists Are Starting to Think Space and Time Are ‘Illusions’

First Demonstration of Energy Teleportation

Curious about the pending reset of time? Learn more here: "The Pending Reset of Time"

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