Screen radiation Combined with Cell phone radiation is like morphine and Marijuana ararwana
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The difference between 4G and 5G is the Antenna design allows focus energy. 5G is like a flashlight, so 4G would be like a bulb in the middle of the room as you get further away from the bulb the light dims quit significantly. Well, if you walk away from me, if I got a flashlight, I could still beam that flashlight directly at you. That’s 5G, the antenna Design can be up to 100,000 times more powerful than a 4G antenna. 4G antenna radiates the inverse square law. The 5G Antenna focuses the radiation. Now we have been told by ICNA and FCC that there is no damaging effect by non-Ionizing radiation, that is false. You can cut through Stainless steel by using non-Ionizing radiation with lasers using the proper frequency. Anybody who thinks using Focused non-ionized radiation is safe has false information and does not understand Biology.5G turns your own body into a weapon system by harmonizing the body to have the wrong tune. We are Electric circuitry that responds to electricity! 5G is a giant microwave oven on a stick, these death towers are hardwired into the ground.

The 5G is the pentagram, switch up the radiation, the prince of air will vibrate pulse modulate frequency and vibrate the nano-particulates which will coagulate the blood. This is all part of the Satanic ritual blood sacrifice and if you participate in it, you are part of that Satanic initiation. The life of the flesh is in the blood.

5G is an energy Hog, Urban Radar, and Phased Array system! We know this is a biological weapon. Hit me with the sub-GHz it will activate a parasite and give you Phenomena, It’s a basket of technology it’s like wonder bread

The phased array direct energy weapon will what we call side road leakage. You will have leakage that come off vertically, which can affect airplanes.

5G is a 24 hour a day airport Scanner at 26 GHz

The towers will not be turned up at the same time, and different frequencies will be used to find out what diseases or health problems will occur. Barrie Trower talked about this during his talks.

The use of Millimeter wave will burn up cell towers, because it uses too much power, the biggest secret is it’s the sub-GHz that are going to be used in the 5G spectrum, because the sub-GHz can still be beamed at you, and it can penetrate everything. These are plasma field projections The whole earth becomes an oscillating vibrating wire. 5G is counteracting our healing, it’s a reverse Rife machine!

5G Attacks the Red Blood Cells which causes a Crowning affect, the cells look like a Crown. You will see pictures of that today. The Red Blood cells provide more immunity than white blood cells because it’s absorbing the poisons. The Hemoglobin cannot absorb oxygen which can give you a suffocation effect. The Voltage gated Calcium channel of the cell gets confused by the radiation and the cell lets to much calcium into the cell, you get nitric oxide overload which causes DNA stands break and Mitochondria mutations. Once the Mitochondria mutaits its unfixable. Your gene pool would have to die out to eliminate this mutation. 5G will cause viral overload and will be picked by the PCR test as a false positive.

South Korea burned up once 5G was turned on, the electrical grid burned up do to the enormous power it took to push the millimeter wave. So, plan (B) was to poison the environment with contaminates to make the human body more receptive to the poisoning from 5G, you actually become an antenna. Less power needed to make people sick.


I demonstrated how all devices are controlled by external forces that can turn your simple devices into a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) - and that goes for anything that has a two-way antenna, no matter how "old" the device is.  They can turn your smart meter, your cellphone, you Wi-Fi router, and even your computer into DEW's.  I demonstrated how they turned my simple flip phone which has no internet service but offers just text and talk into a frequency generator in strength of power that I have NEVER seen before!  It shocked even me that my phone could get as high as it did - which I knew it is capable of, but still, to witness it was still something that is just mind-blowing.  What was typical in the past is no longer the case today.  I have been measuring all devices for years now, but I can attest that overall, the power has been jacked up tremendously in all devices - cell phones, Air Pods, Wi-Fi routers, cell towers including small cells.

We are replacing God with technology!

Moses said the life of all flesh is in the blood

Muhammed said don’t you understand you were created out of one drop of blood

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