Tim Pool’s and General Micahel Flynn’s Warning that America will slowly lose our right to free speech
63 views • 11/14/2021
Our Authoritarian Fascist government will get worse and it will keep getting worse because you’re compliant and the schools are indoctrinating your kids. But too many people think they can squeak by, but you won’t be able to as inflation keeps increasing and we’re seeing a rise in antifa and extremists who are not being held to account and now conservative journalist James O’Keefe is being persecuted by the FBI, and you think it will get any better. So what do you do when the FBI is corrupt who do you call then?
General Flynn has been subpoenaed by the January 6th committee, and he is saying that we are seeing an attack on freedom of speech, our ability to peaceably protest, our desire to seek the truth, and the desire to seek the truth in our election systems but we are dealing with an insurrection crucifixion. At the same time, we are seeing a failed foreign policy, and a lot of things are coming out about the origins of COVID-19, and the mainstream media is doing a good job of pounding America’s head with the whole event that took place on January 6th 10 months ago. From what I can tell, they are trying to criminalize points of view that the elites do not like, but the reality is that speech is never criminal in a free country. Where are our leaders standing up against this? When will this stop or will it ever stop? General Flynn actually predicts that it is going to get worse because they are going to relentlessly pursuit their end goal which is a totalitarian grab, we are being dominated by the political grab, and even though the Democratic party is running this country, it is really being run by a globalist Marxist Davos crew who are systematically chipping away our rights and free speech. A lot of people are sick of it and it will continue until America stands up with a unified voice and says, “NO MORE”!
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