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6-million French Protest Macron's Insane Vaccination Policies
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Published 2 months ago |
If there ever a country to erupt in a bloody revolution, it may be France. Macron is just insane. His love-fest with Klaus Schwab has gone way too far. As of August 1st, if you dare to go food shopping and are not vaccinated, that will be 6 months in prison.

Macron has made vaccinations MANDATORY for caregivers, store clerks, waitresses, and all other workers “in contact with the public” with no exceptions for health or religion. On top of that, he has made it also MANDATORY to have his Gates-inspired health pass to enter all restaurants, cafes, theaters, and cinemas. In other words, without a vaccination, you are not even allowed to go to the store and buy anything.

As if this was not bad enough, Macron also announced a pension reform after the epidemic. This is the real reason for all of this. SOCIALISM is dying and what they are really afraid of is an uprising where like in ancient Rome, the mob storms the palaces and beheads the emperor. Their solution – TOTALITARIANISM and there will be a subtle move to eliminate democratic elections in 2022.

Four separate protests were being held Saturday in Paris, with 'liberty' the slogan of the day and marches were also called in other cities around France.

An emergency bill imposing the health pass for access to cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, trains and long-distance buses was passed by parliament last week, and will come into effect on Monday.

But the measures have triggered fury among a majority, channelling hostility towards the insane President.

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