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Dr. V’s 7 Essential Steps to Conquering Cancer (Part 1) | Dr. Veronique Desaulniers at TTAC Live 2019 Anaheim
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The Truth About Cancer
Published 17 days ago |
Join Dr. Veronique Desaulniers as she walks us through her 7 essential steps to beat breast cancer. She has even personally and successfully used this system as her own breast cancer treatment protocol, truly earning her the nickname, "The Breast Cancer Conqueror." If you are looking for a proven, risk-free alternative cancer treatment for breast cancer, keep watching.

If you prefer to read along, you can find this video's transcript, here:

In Part 1, Dr. V walks us through the first 4 steps:
1. Use hydrogen water (pH neutral water)
2. Reduce your toxic exposure
3. Balance yourself from the inside out
4. Address your emotions

Come back next week to catch Dr. V's last few steps!

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