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Putin Clears a Path For Nazi Held 'Human Shields': Will Zelensky Finally Be Freeing His 'Hostages' in Azovstal?
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Published 2 months ago |
(The latest report coming from Mariupol is that the Azov Battalion will release their 'Human Shields' only if they are granted free passage to Poland - which is very strange.)

Today the alternate and some mainstream media announced that Russia has declared a cease fire in Mariupol and has told the 'human hostages' inside the Azovstal Steel Plant to come out and will be given a humanitarian path back to freedom. The media is under reporting on this and would like nothing better then for the Russian Armed Forces to blow-up the factory so they can report on the 'atrocities'. The interesting part about this is - now that the media is reporting on the 'human shields' being holed up for the past two moths with the Azov Battalian fighters, what is theend game going to be? Are the civilians going to come to the surface? In this video we also take a quick look at Kim Iverson from The Hill reporting on Gonzago Lira's reappearance in Kharkov and what just happened last night with that Oil Pipeline Explosion in southern Russia.

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