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Why Your Stomach Hurts All the Time (Chronic Gastrointestinal Problems) & the Chlorine Dioxide Solution
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Published 3 years ago
The epidemic of our day is gastrointestinal problems. Not being able to digest the food and vitamins that we eat and getting sick from it. If you have chronic problems with digestion, allergies, Hemorrhoids, diarrhea, stomach pains, skin rashes, food-based depression or anxiety, you may want to consider how glyphosate (roundup pesticide) is affecting your life. Glyphosate is everywhere now, including our regular food, groundwater, soil, air, urine and mothers breastmilk. It does not just disappear over time. Instead, it sits and waits until it gets picked up again by nature and dropped off to a source near you. Here, I teach you about the problem of glyphosate and the solution of Chlorine Dioxide.

Info videos and papers shared in this presentation:

2006 Key Journal Paper demonstrating how chlorine-based water treatment chemicals breaks down glyphosate (This one cost me $35):

2007 publication showing how water treatment products break down glyphosate:

2014 journal paper showing several diseases correlating dramatic increases at the same decade as glyphosate (Sound the alarm paper):

After School Presentation on Chemical Farming and Health (Zach Bush):;t=1157s&ab_channel=AfterSkool

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