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WEF to Seize Power through UN
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Rick Langley
Published 3 months ago |
The UN and the World Economic Forum are advancing Agenda 2030 in response to the Great Awakening happening worldwide, including Elon Musk’s push for free speech on the Internet.
New Minister of Truth Blows Any Remnant of Credibility She Had by “Debunking” Existence of Deep State

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Mother of God: You must pray for all those in high places, with power over your nations
Crusade Prayer (98) For the Grace of God to cover world leaders

O my Blessed Mother of Salvation, please ask your Son to
pour out His Graces and Love over those leaders who control the world.
Pray that the Light of God will cure them of blindness and unlock their hearts of stone.
Stop them from inflicting persecution on innocent people.
Please pray that Jesus will guide them, and stop them from preventing the
Truth of His Teachings from being spread to nations, throughout the world. Amen.
May 22: The WHO plans to strip 194 nations, and the US, of sovereignty
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