Cleanse Your Lungs Naturally
443 views • 07/18/2020
With all of the toxins in the air these days, it's no surprise that our lungs need a good cleansing on a consistent basis. Check out the following ways to cleanse your lungs - naturally!

Your lungs are constantly working to pump oxygen into your body.

However, the air we breathe isn’t always as pure as we’d like it to be.

It can be filled with irritants, like dust, fungus, mold, or harmful toxins.

Inhaling these things isn’t great for your respiratory system, especially if you’re susceptible to asthma, bronchitis, congestion, or poor circulation.

Here are some ways you can cleanse your lungs naturally.

Deep Breathing Exercises

Sit in a quiet place and take several slow, deep breaths.

Do this daily to strengthen your lungs and encourage better oxygen circulation.

Indoor Air Purification

Bring live plants into your home or office to help absorb toxins in the air and produce clean oxygen.

Herbs and Botanicals

A variety of natural ingredients can aid in respiratory well-being.

Things like peppermint, eucalyptus, and oregano can help break up chest congestion, soothe irritation, and keep your lungs clear.

Our natural respiratory support, Allertrex®, uses a powerful blend of herbs and essential oils that support normal function and detoxification of the lungs, sinuses and respiratory tract.

To read more about these herbs and their healing powers, visit our natural health articles.

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