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ICE Raids Show that Feds are Losing War on Math, Big Time. Will ATF and others be Next?
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Tenth Amendment Center
Published 6 months ago |
The federal government has a math problem. A big one. And math doesn't change its results based on the political party or goals of people adding things up. On this show, we've repeatedly covered how the feds lack the resources to do much - at least without significant help from the states. And the latest numbers from ICE have just come in. Will the results be the same for the ATF and other federal agencies?

Path to Liberty, Fast Friday Edition: July 26, 2019


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'Operation Border Resolve' ICE raids, touted by President Donald Trump, net 35 arrests, officials say

ICE announcement

ICE announces hundreds of migrants arrested in raid operations

35 arrested in Trump-touted ICE operation that targeted 2,000

ATF Fact Sheet - Facts and Figures for Fiscal Year 2018

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