The Epistle to the Hebrews Part 16: Are You Ready For Persecution?
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Are Christians immune from suffering and persecution? No, because if it were so, that would make us better than Jesus. It is therefore important to be real about the suffering that awaits those who have put their faith in Christ. Jesus certainly did not hide the fact that persecution would be part of every believer's life.

Salvation is free but Jesus suffered greatly as a result. It is therefore impossible to accept the work of the cross without persecution because that's the way it has been for the last 2,000 years. As the time of the Antichrist draws near, Christians need to be mentally prepared for the massive persecution that is coming.

Death and injury are a way of life in the military and we need to be ready for combat with the Devil and his fallen angels. We need not dread their evil works because fervent prayer can change circumstances, and when you praise God during suffering, it brings down the power of God.

Sermon Outline:

RLJ-1371 -- DECEMBER 2, 2012

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