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Published 3 months ago |

There are two reasons why the July 4th Highland Park tragedy that killed 6 and injured 26, 25 with gun wounds, will be national news while the 71 shot, 8 killed from July 1st to July 3rd (one of them a mass shooting) in Chicago will remain local, despite the latter killing an additional 2 souls and injuring an additional 46 with gun wounds: 1) the progressive left hijacked Democratic Party doesn’t care about blacks killing each other and 2) the July 4th mass shooting’s narrative is a more advantageous weapon to use to instigate an overly emotional populace to willingly surrender their 2nd amendment rights under the lie that it will save more lives. The actual safety and welfare of the American people has never been a priority of the Democratic Party. The end game is, and has always been, to build back a better communist country for the state and by the state. How can Governor Pritzker claim to care about the 8 year old shot yesterday while making no mention of the 10 year old boy shot in his own bedroom the night before? It’s not the guns it’s the leadership that has infected the American culture with "love of self" and "hate for country" over the last 80 years and it’s not going to get better until “by the people” start doing “for the people”. 🇺🇸



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