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You Are Anemic = False Narrative. Most People Have High Iron (Tissue Measurement) and Low Blood-Iron. Morley Robbins, The Magnesium Man
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Published a year ago

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There is a traditional narrative: " are anemic and you are copper toxic. That meme [narrative] that seems to play throughout society and especially in our doctors visits is just not true. And in fact it's just the OPPOSITE. Most people have far to little copper in their body. And what happens is the iron rises in their tissue but does NOT show in the blood. Iron [measured] in the blood is very different than iron in the tissue." ~

Morley Robbins, also knows as the "Magnesium Man" is a certified health coach, founder of The Root Cause Protocol and founder of the Magnesium Advocacy Group. Robbins has 32 years of experience as a Hospital Executive and Executive Consultant with a BA in Biology (Denison University, Ohio) and MBA from George Washington University in Healthcare Administration. Morley reads through vast quantities of medical research to decipher the core inter-relationships on magnesium, copper, retinol and iron. ~

Book Title: CuRE Your Fatigue: How balancing 3 minerals and 1 protein is the solution that you're looking for.

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