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Published 3 years ago
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— 00:00:34 - Why 2020 election fraud is like 9/11 (besides Rudy’s involvement)

— 00:08:00 V-Day USA, Trump’s vaccine rolls out and subsidies and threats. Trump gets no credit from BigPharma pushers but will get blame if they can’t cover up adverse effects

— 00:25:13 How fast is Warp Speed? Previous record was mumps vaccine (4 yrs) and still no HIV vaccine. Gates said yesterday that PCR tests should have helped us to stop COVID

— 00:37:24 Satan takes Santa’s place for kids to sit on his knee as Christmas is shut down and the vaccine arrives of Savior of the World

—00:49:09 Gates now tells us we’ll be under his control & fear until 2022 as he will be joining a Biden administration as “informal” advisor

—00:56:28 South Carolina employers can legally fire you if don’t get the vaccine. Lies, liability and mandates

—01:12:56 After the Supreme Court’s rejection of Texas lawsuit and Electoral College electors voting today, a look at the timeline and options remaining to stop the fraud

— 01:35:14 Callers join to talk about what options remain in the electoral fight

— 01:59:13 As Gates & globalists push to extinguish middle class, the Pope, UN, Rothschilds and giant banks unveil their fascist crony capitalism — “Inclusive Capitalism”

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