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US Has Shipped 50M Rounds of Ammo to Ukraine-Expect DOMESTIC Ammo Shortage SOON!
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glock 1911
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Published a year ago
Sorry, I had to redo this vid...I misspoke in the first one and couldn't leave it up like that. The US has shipped 50 million rounds of ammo to Ukraine, and is now short on munitions. Which will make ammo unobtainium at the retail level when the US goes in and sucks up all the supply and materials. GET AMMO NOW if you can!!! IT WILL BE YOUR LAST CHANCE for a very long time. God wants that none should perish but that all would repent. Prep (save) your soul (from damnation) by asking Jesus to be your Lord and Savior, repent from your sins and love Him with all your heart and soul and mind. God bless.
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