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The World's Most-Stringent, voluntary Building Energy Efficiency Standard for up to ~90% kWh-savings withOUT any solar or wind power!--Passive House
Published a year ago

Courtesy of Hans-Jörn Eich & brought to you by aspiring CPHC (Certified Passive House Consultant), Danny Tseng. 90-second video going over the 5 principles of Germany's Passive House energy efficiency building standard that can reduce a building's total energy usage by up to ~90% (at least for new construction in cold climates) withOUT a single solar panel or wind turbine! Learn more at:

The 5 Principles (not including passive solar design vis building orientation--which should also be a key principle):

1.  super air-tight

2. balanced ventilation or adequate ventilation strategy (since so super air-tight)

3. no thermal bridges

4. super-insulation

5. super energy-efficient windows (that's, at least, double-paned, if not triple, with a low emissivity coating and filled with a gas like argon)

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