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The Federal Reserve, the Courts and CRIS
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CRIS – Court Registry Investment System

In matters of pure common sense, it would be a very bad idea to appoint a fox to guard your hen-house. For this reason, it has been a maxim of law for hundreds of years that one cannot settle a matter as an impartial 3rd party when one has any special financial interest in the outcome (other than for due wage compensation). To handle a matter with no special financial interest in the matter means that one has “clean hands”.

The United States Supreme Court functions actually as a “business”…. We know that the same is true for almost every other court in the world. Therefore, what we are dealing with is a false judicial system. And this leads to the “CRIS” accounts. The acronym CRIS (Court Registry Investment System) account is what connects a false judicial system to the bank; it is the mechanism through which they access funds that were created in your name without your knowledge.

And how exactly were these funds created? By treating your birth certificate as a financial instrument. For more info on the Birth Certificate, click here.

In the USA, the legal system is not what lawyers – and the media – tell us it is.

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2013
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Legal researchers Jeanette Triplett and Rod Class located the documents that prove our courts are a branch of the Federal Reserve banking cartel.

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