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Have We Over-Vaccinated Our Soldiers?
Published 10 months ago

Have We Over-Vaccinated Our Soldiers?

Sam Sigoloff - Family Doc, Fort Huchucua

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The government’s lies about the COVID Frankenshot have ruined trust not only in health “authorities”, but also in their other shots – especially from many parents’ point of view.  The Environmental Protection Agency reported that chronic disease – the real epidemic – exploded right after Pharma was blessed in the late 1980s with vaxx injury liability immunity.  Many studies comparing the vaxxed with the unvaxxed reproduce the same 1,000% explosion in disease for the former.  Soldiers get even more novel (test) injections, which begs the question, “Is over-vaccination putting our military readiness in jeopardy?”

This topic blew up in 2022 when Senator Johnson’s Covid investigation heard from Dr. Sigoloff, along with other military doctors and their lawyer, Tom Renz.  Discrepancies were found in the military’s version of the HHS Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system – called DMED at the Pentagon.  Their database showed huge injuries from the CV-19 jab, yet, just as with the current bombshell of post-vaccine excess injuries and deaths, no one else in authority seemed to care.

Certainly not the Army, which fired Dr. Sigoloff from his clinic when he heroically offered medical exemptions to his patients.  Nor Texas’ licensing cronies, whose investigation is preventing Major Sigoloff from going into private practice in Arizona when he resigns his commission.

Sam is fighting back, though, and he needs our help. He’s suing the Secretary of Defense to protect future soldiers from being forced to participate in medical experimentation that could turn them into a DMED statistic.


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