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Netenyahu, Putin Kanye & Ukraine - How Bi Bi Rules (#171 )
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Milo admits his deep and abiding love for King Charles and The Crown, in bed with the Banking Hose of Rothschild for 250 years. King George will finally get his colony back, with a little help from his rent boy friends, Ali Akbah, Nick Fuentes, and Milo Yinnopolous.

00:00 Introduction

10:50 Netanyahu explains his love for Russia and Vladimir Putin. King Faisal explains the Soviet Communist State called "Israel". We go over a dozen articles Whitney Webb and The Last American Vagabond missed.

51:59 Elon Musk and Neuralink, the Global Village Idiot still has no idea how his own companies work.

54:28 Human Version 2.0, Ray Kurzweil and Transhumanism, written about from jail in 2012. Israeli and Chinese military and civilian contracts exposed by Australian prisoner.

1:02:00 Polar Bear farts and Climate Change are releasing zombie viruses from the permafrost - no, I'm being serious.

1:05:33 Elon Musk and his Alien Theology cult.

1:10:30 Conclusions

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