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An Open Message To Vegans & Vegetarians
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Published 9 months ago |
This is coming from a vegan who doesn't like labels, but for generalization sake, it is what it is and vegetarians & vegans share much of the same values, codes & principles we live by

This video is not about guilt-tripping or whatever divisiveness.. It's about being honest with ourselves, being in alignment with objective truth and standing unwaveringly on immutable Principles.. We need to stop lying to ourselves, shake off the cognitive dissonance.. We need to stop holding double standards and making excuses.. Even excuses like "vaccines are for the greater good" when it's the contrary and they were never responsible for "wiping out deadly diseases like polio."
I've heard there being some vegan vaccines, which makes me laugh, but whatever, i didn't mention that in the video really, but if you're vegan and got those, at least you were mindful of that.. Altho the foundation, practice and research of vaccines has resulted in how much abuse & death of animals experimented on and used for these toxic injections over the centuries?
When it comes to injecting animal dna into your blood via toxic needle craft (vax), it bypasses some of your immune system defenses like the whole process of food consumption & digestion, which is much worse than eating meat from a vegan and vegetarian perspective.. We need to be honest with ourselves and evolve beyond living in contradiction, living lies and living in fear.. It's a process and i wish you all the best in health & conscious wealth- whatever diet or lifestyle you have

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