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💥Aftermath of AstraZeneca Injection💥
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Published 3 years ago

"I saw an elderly lady laying in street surrounded by some people. Went to see what happened & if i could assist. We helped her up & took her to nearby bench. At first someone was telling her to wait on the ground until the ambulance come but she seemed determined to get off the ground but unable to control herself. She seemed bewildered & confused as if she didn't know what was wrong with her. A person told me she couldn't remember her name or where she was. She didn't seem to be in severe acute pain but she was confused, unable to control her body, distressed, disoriented, unable to speak and weak, she wanted to unzip he coat as if her body temperature was fluctuating, her face mask had reddish brownish nasal excrement in it.
She got the Astrazenica covid injection on 06 March 2021 at 15:50 then around 18:00 she fell down on High Street in Dartford. Video started recording at 18:19.
Ambulance arrived about 20 after i left the scene, i don't know her current condition."
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