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277) Antenna engineer explains population control with 5G & "covid" vax
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Published 3 months ago |

Credits to MARK STEELE CHANNEL, Nov 26, 2021 at 19:59:

This is one of our 5G towers. These radios, these radios and these radios are all 5G.  These are what actually give you your cell service.  But all these 5G -- so these are like the brain.  These kinda, like, how much to give and how much to not give in the area. And these are like tanks that hold all of the 5G.  So this is half the mixture and this is the other half of the mixture and when you put them together, it creates coronavirus.  And that gets to go through these tubes and out of these antennas and projects all over [you guys].  And I'm just up here refilling them.  Also, if you get the vaxxenation, it makes it 30 times worse. That's why I am unvaxxed, because I have to work with this shit.  If I'd got vaxxed, I'd be dead already.  Yeah, this is how we're doing population control right now.  See, one of these is loose, so it's got a leak, so I've got to figure out which one of these is loose and tie it back down, too.

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