Acceptance - A Key To Success
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An provides practical tips on living spiritually and in wholeness on Earth. She is a coding interpreter and author of the annually produced book The Code Journey. Each year she releases a new edition providing people with the opportunity to live from wisdom and foresight through compassion and understanding. She is a strong catalyst for helping others to make breakthroughs and transformations in their lives. The Code Journey looks at the currents for the year, month, portals, lunar cycles, angel influences, and each day of the year. It offers up an invitation to explore through action, thought, and feeling the opportunites available to us. This work naturally unwinds the destructive programming; and reconnects the mind to work from God and Divine energy patterns, to embrace the path of the true and soul self while building a strong connection between the human mindset and the soul's wisdom.

Her work is completely original and blends over 50 different modalities, practices, beliefs; and none are used in the traditional ways.

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