'Horrific' Child Adrenochrome Market Found in NYC Jewish Tunnels - Media Blackout
3386 views • 5 months ago

We have been warning about secret tunnel systems involving prominent members of the global elite for years. Now evidence is emerging linking the illegal tunnel system found beneath Crown Heights in Brooklyn with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and the Clinton Foundation.

Disturbing video footage from New York City went viral earlier this week, revealing a small stained mattress being pulled from the tunnel that was discovered beneath a Crown Heights synagogue, where photographs show that, among other things, children’s mattresses and high chairs were located in the underground lair.

A riot broke out and a dozen men were arrested at the New York City synagogue that serves as the headquarters of the Orthodox Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch movement when men tried to stop the NYPD and a team of construction workers from sealing off the illegal tunnel system dug beneath the building.

While the media reported on elements of the story, they conveniently left out the parts that connect key members of the global elite to the ritual child abuse taking place.

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