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Checking in on the monitors and The Sun
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MonitoringTheMonitors &The Sun
Published 2 months ago |
Today's Music is: Bachman & Turner ~ Not Fragile LIVE

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For EARTHQUAKE monitor app. go to WOLTON.NET for Aurora Predictions
SDO data is found at and is "Courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams." for Schumann's Resonance!3!0!SWMF2011wRCM.dst!&i_2=585&l_2=543&t_2=344&w_2=500&h_2=333&s_2=0_0_10_3&i_3=578&l_3=65&t_3=291&w_3=418&h_3=402&s_3=0_0_10_3&i_4=586&l_4=30&t_4=697&w_4=500&h_4=333&s_4=0_0_10_3

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