30-Day Challange : Level . IV : Week 4 In Review
0 view • 09/14/2021
Greetings citizens of D.Buzz.

Another week has come and another week has gone, challengers have dropped off and new challengers have stepped up. This is the 4th week of the D.Buzzlevel IV challenge.

While most people are not on the level IV challenge at this point, they are competing in level 1, level 2 and Level 3 like champions! Each week we are thoroughly impressed by the quality of content that those partaking in this challenge have been producing, also the insights and content... Exceptional!

That's what it is about, generating interesting content, pushing yourself to look deep, show up every day, and make a post. To those of you who are competing we salute. To those of you who have taken a break we encourage you to come back, keep fighting, because we know you can do it!

If the 30 day challenge is too much, no problem :) Every Monday we have a Monday mission. This is your chance to win 15 $HIVE just by making a poston D.Buzz or completing some action. This week resting your talk about the moon.

Here's a link to the Monday challenge we hope you compete!

What are you waiting for?

Join any of the level challenge today.
Here are links to the 3 previous 30-Day challenges.
Level 1 : https://peakd.com/hive-114105/@dbuzz/30-day-challenge-by-dbuzz
Level 2 : https://peakd.com/hive-119826/@dbuzz/30-day-challange--level--ii--lets-do-it-agai
Level 3 : https://peakd.com/hive-148441/@dbuzz/30-day-challange--level--iii--goal-crushing-challenges
Level 4 : https://peakd.com/hive-119826/@dbuzz/30-day-challange--level--iv--relationships-life-the-self-and-coivd

Remember it's about having fun, being inspired, connecting with those around.

Thank you all for joining us on this adventure and see you back here tomorrow for our spot on, on the spot rewards summary post!

D.Buzz, out~ :D

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