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William Binney Latest Interviews


Have we Lost Our Right to Free Speech? (w/ William Binney) - March 11, 2022

In other words, your privacy rights are being trampled on and they are being violated by governments and big tech companies. Both are egregious abuses of power. You may wish to shrug it off and say to yourself, “I have nothing to worry about, I live a clean life.”

“Then one day,” says former NSA veteran William Binney, “you become irritated by an act of overreach by your government. So you decide to exercise your right to freedom of speech and thought and your right to peacefully protest. And you stand in front of City Hall and call out what you believe to be an injustice.” 

Binney says, “When you do that, you will be put on a watchlist. They will find you and quickly. That’s because you and your data left electronic fingerprints everywhere. And contrary to what you believe about democratic governments spying on its citizens, they are.” And he goes on to say, “They will use the information they gathered about you, against you.” 

William Binney, a 36-year veteran of the National Security Agency in the United States, says, “What the government is doing is unconstitutional.” Binney was granted special recognition by the Allard Prize for International Integrity for blowing the whistle on the NSA for using a program he developed called ThinThread to spy on Americans. 

Stuart McNish invited William Binney to join him for a Conversation that Matters about your loss of privacy, both in Canada and the United States.


NSA Whistleblower: Government Collecting Everything You Do (April 01, 2019)

Abby Martin interviews former Technical Director of the National Security Agency, Bill Binney, who blew the whistle on warrantless spying years before Edward Snowden released the evidence. They discuss the US empire's mass surveillance program and dangers of the Intelligence Industrial Complex. 

Correction: Binney received a personal award for integrity in whistleblowing from Peter A. Allard, founder of the Allard Prize for International Integrity.

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