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Alex Newman Interviews Dr. Carrie Madej - Covid Shots, DNA & Transhumanism [PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!]
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Published 7 months ago |
Dr. Carrie Madej explains that the self proclaimed "elites" who are peddling "COVID" shots/injections are also pushing trans-humanism–and the two are closely related.

Genetic modifications and new technologies are on the verge of changing what it means to be human, and the "elites" are really pushing the boundaries:
- It will likely change you into a non-human hybrid (you won't be you, but may not know it.)
- They are injecting synthetic code into our DNA as an operating system that can easily be updated
- The synthetic code is patented and once it permanently binds with your DNA, they will legally have ownership over you. (No, this is not a joke, "they" are serious)
- The vaccines include nano particles(tiny robots which attach to the brain, and other organs and cells) - These little robots can be manipulated via the new 5G technology (Hence the reason Trump FAST-TRACKED it's implementation and WARP-SPEED the "vaccines"... Just sayin')
- Their stated goal is to have EVERYONE with this nano-tech installed in them and connected to the "Internet of Things" by the year 2030 (only 9 short years away people)
- The DNA/RNA covid injections can sterilize you because it creates a spike protein which causes your own body you attack the sperm in males and placenta in pregnant females(we've already had multiple pregnant women miscarry their babies just after taking the covid injections - appears to be working for them)
- Many people who have taken the injections(the non-"vaccines"), are now testing HIV positive Hmmmmm?
- The Nano-tech will allow them to always know your location(via 5G), your bodily vitals and activity, and will even have the manipulative ability to read thoughts and place thoughts.
- And by using the previous item, be able to "Predictive Police" you for your THOUGHTS. (Think Minority Report Movie)
- There's also a high probability of ones body rejecting the nanobots, seizures creating allergies or even anaphylactic shock
- Eventually, nobody will be able to buy, sell or travel without this tech in them.

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