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Horrible customer service with Mike Adam's Health Ranger Store
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Published 10 days ago |
Knowing how awesome Mike Adam is I really expected nothing less than PREMIUM / KIND customer service but unfortunately what I experienced was horribly disgusting. His staff was willing to throw away a long-time customer who ordered hundreds of dollars of products over many years over a dollar!

UPDATE 2/14/2020: On 1/31/2020, after all the massive hassling of bad customer service and bad coffee and their greed over $1.27, I did inform the Health Ranger Store that I no longer trusted the quality of their coffee of the bags I had left and wanted my money back on the other 5 bags as well, they never responded to me with return instructions or anything of that sort and ignored me after that. I promptly notified my credit card company that they are ignoring me and gave them all the details and just found out today 2/14/2020 that my credit card company ruled in my favor and refunded me 100%. I threw away the product I had left and decided "lesson learned", never order from Health Ranger Store again.

2ND UPDATE on 2/14/2012: Appears that the "Health Ranger Store customer service" posted my personal identifiable information on a public website so at this point, I don't even think they know how bad posting personal info is, just pure incompetence, I can only guess Mike Adams is not even manage the store anymore, probably too busy making good money from his testing lab to check on the proper operation of his Health Ranger Store.

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