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140) Covmentary: Israel - Claire Edwards with Shai Danon
Published 3 years ago
The depopulation agenda through fake vaccines appears to be using Israel as its test ground and the Israeli people as guinea pigs. Shai Danon is warning the world: pay attention to what is happening in Israel because everything happening there will be coming very soon to your country. This is a global agenda so we can learn from the experience of Israelis, who have been publicly acknowledged by the Israeli prime minister to be guinea pigs in the global genetic modification experiment that is the biggest clinical trial in history, involving the entire world's population, and that is already killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of people all over the world and is predicted to kill tens of millions.

Israel adopts law allowing names of unvaccinated to be shared:
Spike Protein Overload? Could Hijacking Our Cells To Mass Produce Covid19 Spikes Be A Bad Idea?
Oviedo Convention of 1997, article 5 on informed consent:
Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights of 2005, article 6 on informed consent:;URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html
Human Rights Council. Vaccine Mandates Violate the Right to Informed Consent.
60.00 Bill Gates and his coronavirus conflicts of interest:
Robert Kennedy Jr. claims Bill Gates "owns the WHO":
“Pharmakia” is translated into our English Bible as either “witchcraft” or “sorceries”:
Hygieia was the goddess of good health, cleanliness and hygiene in Greek mythology.
Yellow stickers:
Green stickers (in German)
The Informed Parent (on vaccines):
Magda Taylor - History of vaccines, Part 1 (1 hr 32):
Magda Taylor - History of vaccines, Part 2 (1 hr 49):
Alison McDowell’s website:
Tikkun Olam: Social finance in Israel:
Digital Nations is an international forum of leading digital governments:
“MPs are signing off on a licence for government agencies to authorise torture and murder”:
Dr. Andreas Noack arrested when a Swat team breaks into his home:
Coronavirus Surges Among New York Orthodox Jews:
Covid: London's Orthodox Jews have 'one of highest rates in the world':
35.8% of the population in Israel has already received a vaccine (Hebrew):
Israel first in the world in the number of vaccinated:
Medical experiments on children of Yemeni immigrants (in English):
Uzi Meshulam campaigned to uncover experiments on Yemeni children:,7340,L-4900279,00.html
Medical experiments on Yemeni children (Hebrew):ניסויים-רפואיים-בילדי-תימן-עוזי-משולם/
Dr. Michael Ryan, WHO:
The Anatomy of Slavespeak:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:
Nick Begich in “For Sale to Lowest 5G Bidder: Planet Earth (Populations & Wildlife Optional)” (section entitled “Has the HAARP system morphed into 5G?”):
Dr. José Luis Sevillano - Covid-19 and wireless technology, parts 1 & 2:
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