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Contact Tracing Is Merely Pretext for Government to Crackdown and Persecute People
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Published a month ago |
The contact tracing fraud EXPOSED in this video. It merely gives the state the pretext to destroy people's freedom and civil liberties, with those who do not comply being forcibly removed from their homes, using the excuse of a ''virus'' (which has already been declared not to be a deadly threat)

This is too similar to NAZI GERMANY where they began isolating certain groups, before persecuting and then exterminating them- the state has NO RIGHT to track and trace people, taking names and addresses (this tracking would be facilitated using the 5G network, which they are also implementing with great secrecy) under the pretext of ''protecting citizens from a virus''. Take these damn apps OFF your phone the purported ''virus'' is a HOAX! It ties in with the Fascist notion of a ''health passport'' or ID2020 (Bill Gates and Rockefeller Foundation) where they can control your movements, preventing you from travelling or working and force deadly laced vaccines upon you using the pretext of a deadly virus to gain full spectrum dominance, complete and utter control over every aspect of the individual's life. Very much in line with the Eugenics and population control agenda of the Bilderberg Group.

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