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Country Soldier
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Published 2 months ago |
c. 1982, 2010 – Mike Caraway

1) Well the tricycle is in flames, all the old games too,
The children are runnin for their life, just tryna be true,
No bread for supper, just left-over locust stew,
While idolatry airlines lock our sky with their toxic brew.

2) The beast looks mighty while he’s layin all life to waste,
He has all his bases covered to suicide the human race,
His slaves carry the keys to keep his death system in place,
But he has no answer to our mambo love dancing ‘cross his face.

3) This trusty helmet’s round my head as I step out on the field,
This two-edge sword is here, yes I believe I have my shield,
The enemy’s overthrown with his schemes and his crooked deals,
As the mystery of God’s glory in our body is revealed.

4) Your ransom’s been paid, abandon your slavery,
Transformed to mirror His spirit, from glory to glory,
We ain’t only goin home, we’re all gonna go home free,
Daddy’s already there, He’s awaitin for you and me.

5) So get the kettle on, set the table up for a friend,
Turn to the window, our liberty laughs with the wind,
Your country soldier’s callin you ‘cross the badlands to stand with Him,
Walk in the newness of livin’, now today is our deliverance.


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