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Walther PPQ "Pew Pew Q" M1 Classic
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Published a year ago |
Ambidextral Gunfighter Review of the Walther PPQ M1 Classic

European paddle mag release mirrored. Chose ppq largely due to an interest in testing. Thumb and forefinger pinch to release seems to maintain a better grip on the gun while ejecting a mag. Less likely to accidentally eject magazine?
Slide release mirrored with lots of leverage (video)
Size and weight
rounds per ounce (weighted .53) equal to P365, real .61 exceeds P365, very similar to Glock 19...among the top 4 on spreadsheet.
Bulk sq inches is misleading. Not squared off like glock. Slide is rounded/tapered. Widest part in upper part of gun is the slide releases, and both are rounded and unobtrusive. Eliminating grip lumps would reduce thickness of grip by 1/10”...down to 1.225”. Thickness at slide is only 1.35” at the slide release levers. From chamber forward, it runs 1.2 on the oval muzzle. I suspect the true volume of the PPQ is actually less than the Glock 19...which could put it second only to the Kel-Tec P11 on composite score.
Trigger is not as reviewers say...stock..a fix from Walther? (video clip slide on & off)
Grip lumps cause ¼” web of hand shift (vldeo clip)
Plastic sights (optional metal illuminated) with shelf for one handed reload.
Tenifer coating “scratches” or “marks” easily? Non reflective coating on slide. (photo)
Vs VP9 slide release not perfect mirror, weight, color options. Expensive
P10 trigger, smaller/narrower grip, illuminated sights, ambi push button mag (button being consistent with other firearms), opposed movement (like Ruger), Ambi slide release button is small with short, stiff throw, 1.5 ounce heavier, $150 cheaper. Very Glock like in layout of controls and takedown.
Which would I choose again?

Free booklet, The Ambidextral Gunfighter
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