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Dr. Ana Mihalcea - EXPLAINED - Nanotech in Injections & Quantum Physics, Detoxing
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Published 3 months ago |

(Oct 28, 2022) Dr. Ana Mihalcea "In this interview, Maria Zeee and I dive deep into the science of nanotechnology, how the carbon nanotubes mimic the microtubules in the brain which hold the thermodynamic information contained in our DNA. From the microtubules, the brain processing of consciousness arises. I explain how the resonant frequencies of the human brain have been studied and Artificial Intelligence Humanoid Brains have already been created from Hydrogel augmented with metal nanoparticles and Carbon nanotubes which mimic the physiology of neurons. We discuss time crystals like Carbon nanotubes which act as quantum processors that do not need external energy sources.

"We discuss the satanic plan to alter the human mind and make the human soul and spirit a thing of the past - according to the World Economic Forum plans revealed by Yuval Noah Harari. Human beings are divine spiritual beings operating the physical body through the brain processes. We discuss medical modalities and research that may help to detoxify this Artificial Intelligence weapon and how we must address the reality of self assembly nanostructures to save the human species."

To watch the two videos referenced in this interview, visit the links below:

Dr. Ana Mihalcea:

Maria Zeee Uncensored:

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