Update 2: parasites vs. Asset-Destinie
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Your destiny does not have to be controlled, regulated, & licensed by ThePowersThatWere/western Central Banksters/WEF/Zionists. You do not have TO PAY A BUDGET [pass-it-forward] for MORE war=support THE military Industrial Complex! Take back your Power-of-Attorney---expatriate from The parasitical System; as it was registered under fraudulent circumstances! That means you must do something for yourself for a change. It is the first step of many hard choices back to freedom! The White Hats are not here to diaper you!The Hamas-Israeli War should NOT have that name. It shouldn't even be: Arab-Israeli War & Never the door destiny to World War III. It should be: BANKSTER"s WAR! = In order to pass another deeper-in-debt Bankster's [interest-charging] Budget. "Take your Budget and shove it" where the light don't shine! Defund the Corporate's One World [banking] Order.

There is an Asset-based system waiting to be fully funded, which cannot happen as things presently stand today: Wars are created by banksters for a reason:

A Satanic system attempts to destroy US while also destroying our Earth. Paying for illegal war-age aliens to invade US is only one example.

Bill Holter:

One example of an alternative payment [trading] system: & Henry Makow &

I see the US Empire identical to the war-concurring parasitic Klingon Star Fleet from the TV series: Star Trek. Wake-up, The US Corporation/Empire/western Central Banks/Zionists/NATO/WEF are NOT good guys!

In my video I said people will not accept terms on how to Save the Earth if more than 2 sentences. Well, here's 2 words: Zionism=parasitism! i.e.: Zionists, their buddies The World Bank, Khazar & WEF believe that a World Government by force out of Jerusalem is The Chosen form. As ever, the inner City of London, INC. quietly runs The Show from behind-the-scenes with The false Pope's blessings. Example:

Fact: The US Military mercenary-paid by City of London's SERCO invaded eastern Syria, then built some bases there & when anyone attacks those bases the privately owned & therefore controlled [propaganda] media talking-heads state that those attacking their bases are invading them in order to start WWIII. I guess I missed the part of the Declared 51st State of Syria!

Solution: Don't budget-fund any "Service Providers" who fund Zionism/wars! "Governments" are forcing The People to fund THEM. (Printing/creating $ out of thin air creates inflation which is a sneaky way of collecting payment.) "He who pays the employees should give the orders."

Banksters stir both sides Palastinia-Israeli War just as they did the American Civil War & all wars. "All wars are banking wars" to get the General Populations on both side to sacrifice more to THEM, the Controllers.

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