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Is Trump Turning On Vaccines?
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Published 3 months ago |
I know Trump used to speak out against vaccines, them he became president and warped speed a global plan to inoculate every person on the planet. So what's going on here? Wishful thinking? Imagining hes going to solve all our problems? How many times does that pan out?
I'm not anti-Trump I'm pro We The People, a proven solution that has worked but it takes the work of the peoples hands, so you can sit and watch on the tv and nothing will ever change that is going to come in your favor. This happens every time all the time. The keep putting up the puppets and the people keep falling for it 45 times going strong, now we ront even have to elect them. Which we probably never did. They are so far of peoples thinking. They know how you think and so they give you what you want and it's the distraction, it's the illusion.and will fail to resolve any solution. You get poked by the same thing over and over and over again, it starts to get irritating and less and less believable. Theyll march him out if they start losing control to regain the minds and remain in control of the people. They are Democrat and Republican
Weve been through this. They will change the words but it hasnt changed. They steal the car and change the plates. It's not complicated. The problem is us because we comply we settle and accept. Nothing will change until we write our own pages in a book of our own. Weve been all this time a part of their history book. Break free and then we can begin a journey divorced of control weve been subjugated under. They have control because we believe in their authority. Their authority is illusion!
I've wrote this in a hundred ways on more than hundred pages. I've been waiting for everybody to get started for many years now. I dont believe in Trump zi believe on you!

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